1. SLM developed the M-2000 series capstan to provide the market with a high quality, low cost, more efficient capstan that is readily available. Unlike conventional capstans, the SLM engineering team chose cutting-edge, right-angle spiral bevel speed reducers that utilize cycloidal technology, providing quiet, reliable operation. The greatest benefit of these gears is that they provide infinite life cycles while achieving 94% efficiency and 300% shock load capacity. These specifications exceed the potential of conventional gearing systems (Worm and Spur). Our innovative capstan design provides you with the unbeatable combination of high performance and low cost.
  2. Capstan Selection Guide

  3. M-2000 Capstan Specs

    • Capstan Running Loads ---3,500 lbs. to 18,700 lbs
    • Speeds --- 24 feet per minute to 101 feet per minute
    • Capstan Head Diameter --- 9 inch, 12 inch or 15 inch
    • Capstan Bollard Pulls ---25,000 lbs., 35,000 lbs., 50,000 lbs
    • Motors --- 5 HP to 30 HP
    • Electrical and Hydraulic units are available
    • Specialty Motors (50 Hz, Explosion Proof) are available
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