1. What are Cycloidal Gears?

    Cycloidal gearing is a relatively new method of gear reduction in which the input shaft drives an eccentric bearing that, in turn, drives a cycloidal disc in an eccentric cycloidal motion. The output shaft is connected to the cycloidal disc with several pins that the disc is free to rotate around.

    The number of pins on the ring gear is larger than the number of pins on the cycloidal disc. This causes the cycloidal disc to rotate around the bearing faster than the input shaft is moving it around, giving an overall rotation in the direction opposing the rotation of the input shaft. The cycloidal disc has holes that are slightly larger than the output roller pins that go inside them. The output pins will move around in the holes to achieve steady rotation of the output shaft from the wobbling movement of the cycloidal disc. The reduction rate of the cycloidal drive is obtained from the following formula, where P means the number of the ring gear pins and L is the number of pins on the cycloidal disc.

    Cycloidal gearing has many of the same advantages of planetary gears, with even higher efficiency, and an extremely high shock and overload capacity. When paired with spiral bevel gearing for a final gear reduction, the overall efficiency of the gearbox can be upwards of 94%.

    Compare cycloidal gears with other gears.

    How do I determine if a Capstan or Winch is right for my system?

    It all comes down to how you and your operators want to control the system. A capstan is primarily used to keep the operator involved. Therefore, how efficiently your facility runs is based upon the skill that the current operator has. By slipping the rope on the head, they can adjust how quickly the load moves. Please check out our M-2000 Capstan section for further information.

    On a winch system, a full range of ramp-up and ramp-down controls utilizing Variable Frequency Drives can be installed to handle your loads. These can be fully automated, or momentary controlled by joystick operation. Please check out our Standardized Winch section for further information.

    What is the Warranty that is offered with your equipment?

    The M-2000 offers a 2 year warranty on its equipment. Any other equipment offers a 1 year warranty.

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