1. Origin:

    The Superior-Lidgerwood-Mundy Corporation (SLM Corp.) is the result of the combining of three companies who were engaged in similar activities. The Lidgerwood Manufacturing Company (Est. 1873) was originally located in Brooklyn, New York. Subsequently, additional plant facilities were necessary and, as a result, Lidgerwood purchased the Superior Iron Works (Est. 1895) of Superior, Wisconsin and Mundy Hoisting (Est. 1879) of Newark, NJ. Now all manufacturing and administrative activities of Superior-Lidgerwood-Mundy are accomplished at Superior, Wisconsin, which has over 65,000 sq ft of manufacturing and warehouse space.


    Lidgerwood Manufacturing, our parent company, has a long and illustrious past starting in 1873 as a continuation of the Speedwell Iron Works of Morristown, New Jersey. Speedwell was established in 1902 by Judge Steve Vail, stepfather of John H. Lidgerwood Sr. In Speedwell Works, the predecessor to Lidgerwood, much of the important engineering work of the early part of the 19th Century occurred. Among the highlights were the development of the electric telegraph, which was first designed and operated in one of the Speedwell shops by Professor Morris and Alfred Vail. The machinery for the SS Savannah, the first steamship to cross the Atlantic, was also built in Speedwell Works.


    SLM is fortunate to have highly experienced, second, and even third generation machinists and fabricators. Our engineering department supports all phases of manufacturing using the latest in computer technology. This enables us to take on contracts for large and highly complex equipment that many other shops would be unable to successfully produce.


    SLM Corp has evolved into a highly diversified small business engaged in the manufacture of hoists, winches, capstans, and a wide array of contract manufacturing of mechanical sub-assemblies and equipment. This allows a unique combination of design, fabrication, machining, assembly, and painting services all under one roof. SLM's 3rd generation President states "we supply our products and services to customers who require durable and reliable performance. Our products are expected to work each and every time." SLM's historical commitment to the advancement of mechanical design and manufacturing is well documented. It continues today as the Company embraces and integrates the most advanced automated design techniques and manufacturing processes in support of its clients. SLM stands ready to meet the demands of the 21st Century, and its clients, through the appropriate utilization of technology and human ingenuity.