1. The SLM Barge Haul System was developed as an evolution of the tow haulage systems supplied by SLM for the lock walls throughout the inland waterways system. SLM brings the safe, rugged, built to last design that the US Army Corps of Engineers requires to the commercial marketplace.

    SLM takes barge haul system integration beyond supplying equipment. Our approach involves engineering staff early in your project planning. Our staff will develop a plan tailored to your specific facility requirements to increase safety, efficiency, and reliability, ultimately improving your bottom line.

    An SLM Barge Haul System with Smart Tension™ Technology utilizes two SLM S-Series winches pulling against each other and connected together with a d-ring. This forms a closed loop that keeps the wire rope under tension and spooling properly at all times. With the haul ropes connected, deck hands no longer have to handle the large diameter wire rope. Both winches are controlled by a single joystick with adjustable hold back tension through the use of Smart Tension™ Technology.

    SLM Smart Tension™ Technology allows the winch system to provide adjustable hold back tension on the wire rope without the use of drag brakes or manual operator interaction. This equals:
    • Safer operation with controlled tension.
    • Less maintenance with the elimination of wear components.
    • Flexibility to handle changing river conditions with ease.

    Equally important, but often overlooked, is positive breasting control of barges at many docks. If your barges drift away from the dock or require extra mooring lines to maintain control, SLM has a solution for this as well. To learn more about how SLM adapts Smart Tension™ Technology to create a safer dock contact us.